Monday, December 3, 2012

Bathroom Makeover

So when we first bought our little house, the bathroom looked like this: (apologies for the shoddy photo's - they're screen grabs from an iPhone video...)
Now, almost finished it looks like this!
We still need to put in the mirror, which will go from the top of the vanity, all the way to the ceiling. We're also going to put in a toilet in the spare space in the corner eventually, but this isn't a rush because we have another down stairs. We also need to seal the tiles, because they are quite porous. The floor tiles are a granite mix, and are too hard to cut with a tile cutter. We ended up having to use an angle grinder to do it.

Lesson's learnt:
  • Tape before siliconing - then rip it off before it skins!!! 
  • A nextdoor neighbour that can tile and is a sparky is a lot of help! Thanks Sam! 
  • 900mmx900mm shower tray, which is built in behind the wall for extra waterproofness will not fit a 900mmx900mm shower screen!!!! 

What we definitely did right (Tarzan's dad got right anyway, phew) was to have the forethought to put extra timber behind the walling in preparation for attaching things to the wall. ie. wall hung vanity, shower screen, towel rails, etc.

A general list of the whole process:
  • Remove old bath, flooring (vinyl), old fixtures (the taps were so old and unconventional the building inspector said to send them to a museum haha), and remove all the walls. 
  • Put in extra studs a joist under the bathroom had been cut to accommodate the drain of the old bath (dangerous!) so we had to fix that up with a new joist 
  • Sort out the plumbing
  • Lay down tile underlay on floor 
  • Set in shower base
  • Re-wall with villaboard 
  • plaster wall joins 
  • Apply waterproofing membrane 
  • Tile the floor and walls 
  • Paint paint paint 
  • Attach wall hung vanity and shower screen 
  • SILICONE EVERYTHING! or it felt like it anyway 
  • Install the exhaust fan, light, heat combo
  • Seal the tiles
  • Put the bathroom door back on

What was Hugo doing the whole time? Shnoozing

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Post, Hello!

This is Hugo The Site Dog. We hope you enjoy following us as we get down and dirty and renovate 'The Shack'. So far we're pretty far into it, but we'll post some photo's of the process so far, just so you can see what we've been through!